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Tile joint grouts
Chemical resistance to aggressive media. A wide range of colors.
Acid resistant tile adhesive Himflex-3kx
Intended for extra strong indoor and outdoor fixation of acid resistant ceramic and fireclay tile
White chemical resistant tile joint grout Himflex 2F
High water resistance and tile joints impermeability, easy to clean and hygiene
Epoxy bottoms, primer
Deep material penetration, high resistance to aggressive chemical compounds, easy to apply



Epoxy-polyurethane elastic tile adhesive, chemical resistant, reactive, two-pack

TS 5772-008-74321702-2015


Epoxy chemical resistant tile adhesive for chemical resistant tile

TS 5772-004-74321702-2007

Himflex company

We develop and produce anticorrosion compounds for the installation of protective coatings and chemical resistant floor

m² of storage facilities and industrial premises
dealers in Russia and CIS
years in business
More about the company
Russian products of European quality

We are in TOP-10 manufacturing companies specializing in production of protective coatings and chemical resistant floor in Russia with European laboratory quality control

Cheaper than foreign analogues

We produce in Russia, use only native raw material, that is why our prices are 70% lower than foreign competitors. But the quality of our products is the same or higher

Science-based production

Since 2005 we have constantly been improving product composition and searching for innovative solutions in our own research laboratory

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