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Эпоксидная грунтовка

Two-part epoxy primer

Bucket + canister:

Two-pack epoxy primer

Bucket + canister:
Used for
  • providing reliable adhesion of dissimilar materials; 
  • eliminating defects in porous and uneven coatings; 
  • dedusting and priming of concrete; 
  • protecting wood surfaces; 
  • protecting metal from corrosion.
Himflex epoxy primers

Difficult surfaces treatment is often impossible without preliminary priming. It is necessary to prepare the surface, make extra coating that eliminates defects of the treated material and give it extra protection from adverse effects.

Benefits of Himflex epoxy primers:

  • Epoxy composition possesses high water resistance;
  • Penetrates deep into the material;
  • Resistant to aggressive chemical compounds;
  • Easy to apply: viability of the mixture is enough to prime the surface without haste.